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My doll collection II

Part II of my Doll collection from my Chikara.

June 5, 2009

Hello Sisters,
Now here's the part II of my doll collections, hope you like it too.

BRATZ - a popular line of fashion dolls with 4 original 10'' dolls named as Cloe, Jade, Sasha and Yasmin. They are teenagers distinguished by large heads and skinny bodies, almond eyes adorned with eye shadow and lush, glossy lips.They were designed by Carter Bryant and manufactured by MGA ( Micro Games America Entertainment) a Southern California toy company and the rival company of Mattel. Introduced 2001.


MY SCENE - a fashion dolls introduced by Mattel in 2002, to rival MGA's Bratz. It included 3 dolls-Barbie, Madison and Chelsea - with different ethnicities and personalities and a collection of extra fashion for each character.

My Scene Barbie - Cute but edgy, she's Libran ( same here) and her fave hangout is at the spa and loves yoga, chatting with cute guys, going to the movies and going to parties with her friends. She loves massage and pedicures, she drinks iced coffee and can't live without her cell phone (me too).

A selected pure girls to be as "Guardians of Veil". They are destined to face many dangers and
experience unknown worlds but they were armed and protected by a Talisman called the "Heart of Kandrakar". This crystal contain all the powers that make these 5 friends into WITCH

Will - Irma - Taranee - Cornelia - Hay Lin

Will Vandom - pure Energy and the keeper of the "Heart of Kandrakar"

Irma Lair-can controls Water

Taranee Cook - who can control the Fire

Cornelia Hale - allied to the Earth

Hay Lin Lin - as light as the Air

I even collected thier magazines....


Now on Winx Dolls

The cartoon started last 2004 and the main 6 characters made it into doll form.

Bloom - a red haired teenager of magic and dream.
Place of origin: Earth
Power source: To be determined
Likes: Learning new spells, pizza with extra cheese
Strength: Awesome fighter and loyal friend

Flora - a fairy of love and nature
Place of origin: The fifth moon of Marigold
Power source: Plants and Flowers
Likes: Living in harmony with the environment
Strength: Ability to remain calm under stress; optimistic attitude

Tecna - A teenage of Science and Technology
Place of origin: Third Vector of Binary galaxy
Power source: Anything digital
Likes: Technolgy and Math
Strength: Analytical and problem solving skills

Sorry my Stella, Musa and Layla have no photos, 'coz they're missing in action, he he he...
No, they were borrowed by my niece without returning... sighs....

-a blonde teenager of style and beauty.
(wearing orange dress)
Place of origin: Solaria (actually she's the princess Planet Solaria)
Power source: The Sun and the Moon
Likes: Fashion especially couture
Strength: Creative and enthusiastic

Musa - a teenager of music and free time
( with Violet hair and red dress)
Place of origin: The Harmonic Nebula
Power source: Music
Likes: Hip hop and beat boxing
Strength: Always stand up for herself, can get you into any concert in the dimension

Layla- a teenager with a power over water molecules.
(in Green dress)
Place of origin: Tides (Princess of Planet Andros)
Power source: Water and especial fuchsia molecule called Morfix
Likes: Dancing and extreme sports
Strength: Athletic, bold and adventurous

Source:Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Troll dolls, originally known as Leprocauns and also known as Dam dolls, Gonks, Wishniks, Treasure Trolls, and Norfins, became one of America's biggest toy fads from the autumn of 1963 through 1965. With their brightly colored hair and cute faces, they were featured in both Life Magazine and Time magazine in articles which commented on the "good luck" they would bring to their owners. The troll doll is sometimes mistakenly referred to as a Kewpie doll.

Trolls became fads again in brief periods throughout the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, with as many as ten different manufacturers (such as Russ Berrie, Jakks Pacific, Applause, Hasbro, Mattel, Nyform, Trollkins and Ace Novelty) creating them.

In 2003, the Toy Industry Association named Troll dolls to its Century of Toys List, a roll call commemorating the 100 most memorable and most creative toys of the 20th century.

The new Trollz are an updated and much funkier version of the spiky-haired Troll characters which were created way back in the Sixties. The 21st Century Trollz - Amethyst Van Der Troll, , Sapphire Trollzawa, Onyx Von Trollenberg, Ruby Trollman and Topaz Trollhopper - are five best friends who live in the magical city of Trollopolis.

Each fashionable Trollz doll features almost six inches of colorful, big hair and comes dressed in her signature outfit.

Amethyst Van Der Troll

Sapphire Trollzawa

Topaz Trollhopper

Onyx Von Trollenberg

Ruby Trollman

This art, courtesy of DIC Entertainment


My Scented 3" inches Cutie Dolls

The first one is Mint scented and
The 2nd is Bee Bee with Baby powder scent

Violet hair Lily with Jasmine scent and
Vanessa in Vanilla scent

Cinnamon scented is Cindy and
Olivia with Lovely Rose scent

Orange colored hair in Bubble gum scent
and Cookie with Cookie scent

They are all cute and fragrant... Still more to show, watch out for part III and may be up to part VIII ...... Thanks for coming.

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