Thursday, April 25, 2013

Beatin' the heat.

OMG it's really really hot down here. To tell the truth I hate summer time. I can't move so much, I don't want to go outside. Every now and then I sweat too much that send me to shower 2 to 3 or sometimes 4 times a day. My electric and water bill rise and the laudry doubles.

When I go outside my hand bag is loaded with umbrella, bottled water, fan, extra face towel and sometimes extra shirts aside from my make up kit, wallet, stationary and pen and gadgets. So heavy you know.

To beat the heat we consumed of different juices a lot. My children always buy ice cream or ice bars or Halo halo, either special and expensive from some food chain in the city, or a home made by mommy, or even a cheap one that sold by a neighbor in a small food stand.

And eating a water content fruits like water melon... It's sweeter during summer season.

We're wearing fabrics like cottons and linen. Cotton allows air to go through it and it absorbs moisture really well.

We're suffering a freaking heat here. Even some of my plants out side dried and died. Some survived 'coz we watered them a lot every morning and before the sun set.

Oh, how I wish rain pour in the middle of Summer.