Thursday, April 28, 2011

Congratulations to Prince William and Kate

glittering congrats
Best wishes


Prince William & Kate

"What therefore GOD hath
joined together
Let not man asunder"

Matthew 19:6

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone

"He is risen"
Mark 16:6 /Luke 24:6

Friday, April 22, 2011

Just sharing the procession last night.

Every year, one of the longest or biggest Holy week procession were done here in our place, in Baliwag, Bulacan. Big news network were covering the event.

The mobile of GMA news program.

I went to the church where all the floats gather but it's already dark and the procession was about to start so I just got the photo of Mary Magdalene and I decided to just go back home and waited the procession there because it well pass by right in front of our house. There were 94 floats participated the procession.

Mary Magdalene wears another dress now.

I planned to take a video footage but again my video cam didn't cooperate,
it soon lost it's battery.

This next float is new, actually the crucifixion was happened in Jerusalem but I notice that the characters here were wearing an English Clothes (why?, perhaps just a trip of the owner)

More photos for those who haven't seen my blog last year, go see the link.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Attending Palm Sunday Mass

April 17, 2011-- just yesterday, me and my children of course attended the Sunday mass. It's not just an ordinary mass but it's a Domingo de Ramos or Palm Sunday or in our own language-- Palaspas.

Palm symbolizes of welcoming our Lord Jesus Christ to Jerusalem.

Others call it a Passion Sunday - because of the Love of Jesus to His people, He entered Jerusalem though He knows He gonna suffer and die.

First we bought our Palaspas outside the church, there were lots of vendors selling.

On time we hear the Mass and our Palms were blessed.

Lots of people, so crowded.

I left my babies in one place after the mass because I want to buy something somewhere. When I came back they look so tried than me, he he.

Ehemmmm, just posing with my Mycah , kkkk....

Our Palaspas

The Palms well be displayed outside the gate and doors or entrance of the house, it symbolize that your welcoming Jesus Christ in your home, just like the people of Jerusalem welcomed Jesus.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Brain Exercise

Schooling keeps my children so busy with their assignments, projects and lots of school activities.But during vacation or summertime, what to do?

Well, it's time to catch up on special family bonding moments by going or having a trip or doing something together. And one of the best thing I thought we can do is to play some board games.

It's not just fun to play board games but is also a good form of mental workout or a memory booster and bonding activity.

It actively uses the mind to think. Study shows that regularly performing mental activities improves longevity and brain function.

Scrabble game board is our fav.

Answering or solving crossword puzzles and Sudoku too are known to relax you and stimulate the mind.

Though I took Accountancy and like numbers, my Mycah always finish first to answer the Sudoku quiz than I ( but she hates Mathematics, huh)

Text Twist is nice too.

Just savoring the joy...

Just wanna share to you my joy.
One of my joys in my life is when my children made me proud.

Before the school year ended, the administration send me an invitation again to
attend recognition day for the honor students.

First for the College level last March 28, 2011.
My Stephannie got the 2nd rank or top 2 or 2nd honor in Academic Excellence in all 3yr. BSHM College level. She also got the "Best in Banquet and Catering Management" and the "Artistry and Creativity Award" .

Steph with other awardees
And last March 31, 2011, for my youngest -- Mycah. She got medals for the "Academic Excellence Award" and like her Ate Stephannie she got the "Most Creative Award" for the 3rd yr. High Sch. level too.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Books

These are some of my inspirational books and one of my favorite Christian author is Joyce Meyer. I like her teachings. I like her straight talks. She has no feelly touchy passage and going around the bush.

I must admit that there are times that I'm wanting to quit and give up, so discouraged, so negative, depressed, so fainthearted.

But everytime I read her books, it freshen up my mind and heart. She made me more a positive person. Deepen my faith and leads me further in my walks with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Her books made me stronger when facing everyday difficulties of my life and became less prone to depression.

Remembering her words made me remain calm, really calm and control myself in the turbulence of life. And even being nice to others even they are so rude to me.

I learn to enjoy the hardship, to have joy, smile and even make some jokes to my children in the midst of difficulties, remembering that all this troubles producing something good in us.

I hope you too do the same.... be positive.