Friday, April 22, 2011

Just sharing the procession last night.

Every year, one of the longest or biggest Holy week procession were done here in our place, in Baliwag, Bulacan. Big news network were covering the event.

The mobile of GMA news program.

I went to the church where all the floats gather but it's already dark and the procession was about to start so I just got the photo of Mary Magdalene and I decided to just go back home and waited the procession there because it well pass by right in front of our house. There were 94 floats participated the procession.

Mary Magdalene wears another dress now.

I planned to take a video footage but again my video cam didn't cooperate,
it soon lost it's battery.

This next float is new, actually the crucifixion was happened in Jerusalem but I notice that the characters here were wearing an English Clothes (why?, perhaps just a trip of the owner)

More photos for those who haven't seen my blog last year, go see the link.