Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Me, suffering Anemia

Hmm......What is Anemia.  Anemia is characterized as lack of Iron. Without enough iron in the body, it cannot produce hemoglobin properly. And Hemoglobin is a substance in our red blood cell that carries oxygen to our body tissue.

Anemic is a person diagnosed that does not have enough iron in their blood. And I'm one.. because of enduring over work and lack of sleep.

And being Anemic I eat some Iron rich foods that can be found easily in Phil. market. Though no food in itself contains enough iron to treat iron deficiency Anemia. However, foods can help maintain our health and aid supplementation.

Iron rich foods have two types, the Heme and non-Heme.
Heme iron can be found mostly in animal sources and is easily absorbed.
Ex: Pork Liver , Chicken Liver , Beef , Sardines , Shrimp , Oysters , Mussels, Clams

While the non-Heme is found mostly in vegetables and harder to digest .
Like Enriched pastas , Oatmeal , Peanut butter , Green leafy veggies  , Broccoli , Potatoes ,Tomatoes , Asparagus , Ampalaya , Carrots , Watermelon , Bananas , Lemons , Grapes , Apples , Honey

 (4 pcs. of photos in my collage lifted in Google—thanks for sharing)

But if you take non-heme iron foods with vitamin c rich foods at the same time the absorption increases.
Non-heme iron food  is dramatically increased too when combined with heme iron sources in the same meal.

But some foods slow the absorption rate of iron in our system.  So avoid taking this foods  too much…

Soft drinks , Coffee , Tea , Dairy product , Ice cream , candy bars  , Soy  , Red Wine or beer.

Coffee contains polyphenols and tea contains tannins, both of which render any iron found in food unusable.

Now I'm recovering and gaining weight again (the part that I don't like much :))  Double job no more.

The wise monkeys

Originally, there were 3 wise monkeys I've known, namely Iwazaru, the one covering his mouth, who speaks no evil; Mizaru, covering his eyes, who sees no evil; and Kikazaru, covering his ears, who hears no evil.

Then later I've learn  there is a fourth monkey depicted with the three others. And the 4th one named Shizaru, crossing his arms, symbolizes the principle of "do no evil"

But now the 4th monkey evolved. He may shown having a lap top and "post no evil".
He has no name yet ... so I think I can call him as Keijizaru, what do you think? :)

Photos taken from google --- lot of thanks for those who share.