Friday, April 2, 2010

The Holy Week Procession in Baliwag II

Jesus judged by P. Pilate

The acceptance of the cross

The carrying of the cross

Jesus the Nazareth

The 1st fall of Jesus

Jesus meets His mother

Veronica wiped the face of Jesus

Face marks of Jesus in Veronica's cloth

The 2nd fall of Jesus

The 3rd fall of Jesus

Simon of Cyrene helped Jesus to carry His cross

Jesus agreed to be nailed

Striping his clothes

Giving Jesus vinegar with bile

The crucifixion

Installing the cross

Mary was entrusts to John and vice versa by Jesus

His cafe was used

Longinos cuts the ribs of Jesus

Removing His body from the cross after he died


Ready to be buried

San Entierro - Jesus laid in glass

Virgen De La Soledad

Sta. Maria of Betania

Sta. Marta

Sta. Cleofe

Maria Susana

Mary Magdalene ... (ehemmmm..)

St. John Evangelist

Mater Dolorosa - The Grieving Mother

Sta. Salome


Anonymous said...

Dear Leny,

So many beautiful pictures and Mary Magdalene was beautiful with the angels (just like somebody else I know ..eheeem)
We have no prossesions like this in my country. Must be impressive to watch and a lot of work for those involved.


LENY said...

Hello Ida,

Lots of place here in the Phils. held a big processions every Holy week.

Every float is owned by a rich family or politicians. I can't just focus on the statue but some of them are really wearing big and expensive jewelries. They change the dress too every year, dresses alone worth thousands.The family and their friends lights the float during the procession. Devotees too can. Every float have its own generator for the electric lamps, while the people following have lighted candles.Aside of flower scents you can smell the expensive perfumes that I think showered to the floats, he he he.

Even I saw the procession already yearly still I love to watch them every year.It's really impressive.