Sunday, December 27, 2009

Family Reunion

I just want to share some of our photos last Christmas. My kids and my brother and sisters that visited me, but I forgot to took pictures to others, you know so busy that time( so regrettable).

With my Stephannie
My Mycah
My Denmark, I just woke him up to take a meal.
My sister with her huge hubby and four kids.
My 7th brother with his wife and kids too.
My 2nd sister with kids, traveled 7 hours just to see us but
hubby was not with them, his on duty.
I have a large family, 8 brothers and 3 sisters , we're 12 in all and only my youngest brother that is not married yet.

It's so nice to see my brothers and sisters during holidays with their family though it's so crowded, noisy and busy. But even if it's so tiring we're all happy together . Almost every year there's an additional kid or kids.

My youngest sister who's in Japan, didn't make it to come home, 'coz she just delivered her 4th baby last week, same as last year she delivered her 3rd baby. And my 3 brothers too, they said they were on location shooting far away that they can't go home and back to work right away. I've said before my Eldest haft brother was in film production. He's an assistant art director and my other 2 brother now are with him.

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