Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Drinking Up

Thanks God  "Labuyo" was gone away. "Labuyo" is the 12th typhoon that struck the Phililippines this year and the weather news said 'it was the strongest typhoon so far for this year'.
Left some provinces under state of calamity. Ripped countless roofs by it's strong wind, some houses swept by landslides and floods. Farms or plantations were destroyed, lot of trees and electrical poles knocked down ( more or less it will take 2 months to restore the electricity).
It's good that the gov't officials are ready for this kind of disaster. And people knows where to run to and protect themselves.Helps from some NGO's too come faster.

I always thankful to God that we're on the safer place, but because of the weather i've got sore throat and I don't want it to worsen. I have to do something and I thought of "Salabat" would be better than taking any medicine.

"Salabat" is hot ginger tea. It's so simple to prepare.

Peel, slice and pound the ginger and add water . Boil the concoction for several minutes, then add lemon slices and some honey or sugar, depending on your tastes.

Love the smell of ginger's spicy, minty aroma, and I feel a slight of relief when the warm drink slide down my throat.

Instant ginger powder are available in groceries too, but I like the fresh boiling crushed ginger concoction more.

Health Benefit of Ginger:

  • Relieve Menstrual Cramp
  • Treat Cold and Flu
  • Treat Morning Sickness
  • Reduce Pain and Inflammation
  • Treat Heartburn
  • Treat Motion Sickness
  • Prevent Diabetic Nephropathy (Ginger can also be used to prevent kidney damage as a result of diabetes).
  • Treat Ovarian Cancer
  • Prevent Colon Cancer

    Ida said...

    I wish you good health and speedy recovery

    LENY said...

    Hi Ida,

    Thanks and don't worry I'm OK now.

    To God be the Glory!!!