Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Stephannie

Every year my Mycah always joined the extra curricular activities in their school like some competition, like poster making, and qiz bee in all subjects. Her favorite was poster making, science and math.

This year I was so surprised that she did not join in any of those. Especially poster making . Ever since she join in poster making contest , she always win,

What she said to me was that she wants to give others a chance to win. so I thought that mi child was so nice that she wanted to give others a chance. Well..... OK, OK... reason accepted.

But to my surprised again... it's my Stephannie who joined the contest in College level. I know her that she's so lazy joining in any activities in school. She said she was just forced by her professors to join.

Aside from winning in the school, she won also in the whole 3rd District of Bulacan Private School Association - competition. Unexpectedly, a Gold Medal.

Ever since she started going to school, unlike my Mycah, Stephannie just joined twice in competition. The first one was when she was still in Grade 2. She won the 2nd place that time. And now her 2nd time, she won the first place.

Her professors congratulate me too when I went to school the next day ('coz I'm not with them during the competition, my daughter just sent me a message). The professsrs said my daughter is very good..... ha ha ha ha, again ... I was a proud mommy.

She joined in essay contest too, but sad to say, she didn't win :( But it's okey, at least she tried and done her best.

The School Admin., Stephannie with her gold medal and her winning piece and the 2 judges .

The coach, Mrs. Vinas(administrator), Stephannie, The judge, the trainer and the other 2 judges.

Her certificate if partiicipation

Certificate of Recognition

And her Gold Medal

Her winning poster was not returned to her, the school kept it,
so I told her to draw again the replica so that I can post it her
but as I see it , it's not exactly the same...

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